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..:: 5/22/2007 ::..
Irving M. Footlik, PE 1918-2006
Delivered June 7, 2006
One of the Projects that my Father shared with me was to redesign the basement under this Sanctuary. I can therefore state with certainty that the live load capacity of this floor is insufficient to support the fork lift required to convey my Father=s accomplishments.

So, although it is customary to provide a glowing eulogy extolling all the virtues of a deceased individual, I would like to take a contrarian view and mention what some would call my father=s greatest flaws.

First, as a consultant he would often speak with confidence and authority on a multitude of topics, usually but not always germane to the issues on hand. To some this was Aegotism@ or Aan overbearing demeanor.@ Others perceived this as AIrv at his usual self,@ In either case his comments were normally tolerated.

His second flaw was that his perspective and judgement was most often vindicated. What he predicted, good or bad, proved to be correct. This of course was unforgivable.

A third Ashortcoming@ was his placement of the situation=s needs over the individuals desires. He measured his value in terms of what was right, not what was expedient at the moment. This often place him at odds with the Aestablishment@ or even worse, the party who was paying the bills or the board that was empowered but unenlightened.

As he grew older, his diplomatic skills were overcome by his need to accomplish as much as possible in his time remaining. So he added philanthropy, enthusiasm and energy to bring things to successful fruition at a faster pace. Those with more polish found him to be Arough,@ but he was also ready...with time, funds, resources and praise for those who brought concepts to life.

His greatest flaw was his complex definition of love. Composed of elements of adolescent Apuppy love,@ Hollywood romantic love, mature devotion and sincere dedication to his friends and family, this was totally incomprehensible to outsiders. Insiders, however, knew intrinsically that the key to understanding his brand of love was reciprocity. Those who could give would also receive. The Ameager few@ who are here today are representatives of a far larger population that spans the globe.

The truth is that my Father was miscast. By education he was a Mechanical Engineer, but by temperament he was actually a Civil Engineer who built bridges between those with resources and those with needs; between ideas and realities; and between individuals with skills and those with funds. His greatest bridges spanned challenges deemed Aimpossible.@ With creativity he spun structures from air and turned visions to reality.

His perspicacity led to professional success, friendship, leadership and above all else direction to those around him. Most of all me.

We will all miss his physical presence, but the projects he developed, the ideas he fostered and the wisdom he imparted will live forever. His legacy is not in the structures he designed, or the plaques on the walls, but in the hearts he touched as you all touched his.

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