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This two-day workshop is designed to enhance the management skills of an experienced warehouse or operations manager, and provide a practical, working knowledge of how to achieve excellence in warehouse operations. The program covers solving many of the critical problems of warehouse management, with an emphasis on developing skills to improve productivity and customer service on a continuing basis.

Determining the present level of operational efficiency, and utilizing bench marking, coupled with sound Industrial Engineering methods, to improve productivity.

Maximizing utilization of existing tools. How to use the present system as an intelligent base for evaluating improvements.

How to train and motivate personnel. The real key to improving operations and productivity lies in bringing the people into synchronization within the overall system, and enhancing their self-image.

Determining a realistic base for quality and service, and implementing practical and economical improvements.

The Manager's role in coping with a radically changing world. Issues such as EPA Standards, OSHA and personal liability will be discussed.

New Trends in Construction, Materials Handling and the Physical Facility.

An Overview of Warehouse Software, what is available, what it can do and how to use it to become predictive instead of reactive.

Improving the stock arrangement for an integrated picking system. Tying together operational improvements on an "Origin to Destination" basis.

Team teaching techniques are used by the principal facilitators, Bob Footlik and Bill Bobco. Time is provided to answer special questions, review plans and address individual operating problems. All sessions are treated as forums, and attendees are urged to bring information for class evaluation, and participate in all discussions. Every effort is made to insure that the information is meaningful and directly applicable to your operation.

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