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It is our belief that the success of any industry is directly related to the strength of their trade organization. Therefore, Footlik & Associates has worked extensively with Trade Associations to develop programs that support their members. Education is promoted through articles, seminars, convention and conference presentations, teleconferencing, and videos. Direct assistance to their members is available on premises, or with a unique program of video reviews for even the smallest member company. Facilities planning and operational reviews on premises enhance profitability, and helps insure that the industry will continue to grow.

By acting as an industry resource, we encourage standardization programs for equipment, pallet sizes, paperwork and benchmarking. When working with a Trade Association, we read, and write for, the magazines and newsletters that their members receive. Our familiarity with the products, markets, customers, and industry trends enables us to develop solutions that are uniquely suited to a particular environment. This experience insures that we can move fast, and eliminates the time that would be spent in gaining familiarity with the problems and products that are encountered. In this manner, we can focus on working synergistically with our clients as an integral part of their organization.

Organization Industry
ASA American Supply Association
NAED National Association of Electrical Distributors
STAFDA Specialty Tool and Fastener Distributors
IAPD International Association of Plastic Distributors
NWFD National Wood Flooring Distributors
NOPA National Office Products Alliance
IDA Industrial Distribution Association
FEDA Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association
Equity Group
I-Mark Group

Plumbing Supplies
Electrical Supplies
Tools & Construction
Plastic Products
Office Products/Furniture
Mill Supplies and Tooling
Restaurant Supplies
Electrical Supplies
Electrical Supplies

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